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Which Uber Tan is right for you?

At Uber, we have multiple collections of tans, all for different purposes. We love to have tans for different occasions and to suit everyone’s tanning needs.

Looking for the ultimate dark tan? Long lasting? Maybe something more subtle? We’ve got you covered.

Uber Dark

Our cult favourite, the go-to, dark tan of Australia’s tanning lovers. Uber Dark is for those who love the darkest available tan, while still looking natural.

This tan is guaranteed to give you the deepest bronze with no streaks or fake tan smell.

Uber Dark is available in 3 colour bases: green, violet and ash for personalised tanning. Learn more here about the colour bases.

Uber Stay

Australia’s first 10 day self tan.

Our go-to for tans that need to last until next weekend.

Uber Stay offers a dark tan much like Uber Dark, that has the added benefit of lasting for up to 10 days. Also available in 3 base colours learn more here.

Uber Glow

Infused with illuminating macadamia oil, Uber Glow is designed to give you the perfect flawless tan.

Thanks to the hydrating properties of the macadamia oil, Uber Glow is perfect for those who have drier skin. The Uber Glow range is designed to deliver more of a luminous tan finish rather than a deep bronze, like Uber Dark and Uber Stay. This range is also available in 3 colour bases more information here, as well as a gradual lotion and face tanning drops.